Posted by: capelee | December 31, 2012

End of Project 365: Last few Cape Town photos

So I didn’t quite manage the 365 photos of Cape Town, but I did get relatively close and nonetheless it was still a fun challenge 🙂 Given that I’m not even living in Cape Town anymore I think I did alright, and had many other adventures that I was blogging about as well (

To end off, here are a few last pics of some of my favourite things in Cape Town:


Camp’s Bay Sunset


View from UCT


Sunset from Signal Hill


Penguins at Boulders Beach


Camp’s Bay Beach

Posted by: capelee | September 9, 2012

Photos 234-247: Cape Town Sunsets

A small selection of some of the beautiful sunsets I saw in Cape Town.

Posted by: capelee | August 29, 2012

Photos 226-233: Penguins :)

There is no shortage of photo opportunities of penguins in Cape Town, especially at Boulders Beach.

Posted by: capelee | August 19, 2012

Photos 219-225: Fish Hoek

Apart from the occasional shark visit, Fish Hoek is a perfect place for a day out in Cape Town. It’s gorgeous long, flat beach and slightly warmer water make for great swimming, and a drive up the hill offers beautiful views of the whole bay.

Posted by: capelee | August 5, 2012

Photos 212-218: Random flower pictures

One of my favourite things to take photos of is random flowers, and Cape Town has offered many opportunities for this!

Posted by: capelee | July 29, 2012

Photos 205-211: Delicious food in Cape Town

This week’s pics are a collection of some of the delicious meals I’ve eaten in Cape Town 🙂

Posted by: capelee | July 22, 2012

Photos 198-204: Boulders Beach

This week’s photos are all from Boulders Beach – definitely one of the most gorgeous beaches in Cape Town! 🙂

Posted by: capelee | July 15, 2012

Photos 191-197: Views from Table Mountain

While I am really enjoying the ‘Project 365 – Post A Day’ challenge, I know that the many email notifications can get a bit much. And since the last thing I want is to annoy any of my followers, I have decided to group my photos into one post per week. So there will still be a a photo for every day but only one email a week 😉 Hope you are all enjoying and continue to enjoy the photos!

Here are the photos for the past week. They are all views from the top of Table Mountain. I never get tired of looking at these!

Posted by: capelee | July 9, 2012

Photo 190: Lion’s Head from Robben Island Ferry

Posted by: capelee | July 9, 2012

Photo 189: Camps Bay

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